Virtual Assistants & Consultants

Save Time

- Let us Lookup information, Find a Service or Provider, Search train/flight, Summarise a Topic, Find a Specialist, Manage Appointments, Reserve a Restaurant , Organize a Trip, Make an Appointment, Consult with Experts, Reserve a Show, Deal With Customer Support, Simplify The Internet, Do Data Entry, Contact People, Find a Product, Do a lot of things for you.

Send us text or voice message, and our High IQ smart virtual assistants and consultants, will send you the data you need, or do the task you want done.

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Get Things Done

We often get frustrated and consume a lot of time on various tasks, information seeking & clarification, and decision making that require comparitive research. Wouldn't it be much much better, if all the time consuming work was done by someone else, allowing you to only require a small fraction of your time?

Your Time is Valuable

They say Time is Money. We think Time is way more important than Money. Why waste your time on a task that can be handled by someone else? Let us save you time. Your time is more valuable than being spent on some not very important or pleasant tasks.
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What We Do

Everything that can be done remotely, even calling on your behalf!

internet assistant

Any Web Activity

Help with basic and advanced internet activity and needs!

help searching

Search & Research

Searching for a product or information. Even researching a topic or subject.

assist study

Simplify & Summarise

Help you study or understand topics. Simplify complex topics, summarise info.

help writing

Content Creation

Writing an article, a blog post. Creating graphics, charts ...

Social media

Social Management

Manage social media. Send wishes, Respond to comments & messages.

assistance interaction
help transport

Transport Assistance

Finding plane & train tickets. Help organise a trip ...

help reservations


Help with reservations & appointments. Hotel, Restaurant, Doctor ...

Job search help

Meetings & Interviews

Submit job applications. Organise meetings or interviews. Filter Candidates.

assistant emails

Communication Management

Filter emails, respond & organise communications...

expert consulting

Experts Consulting

Get expert opinions on certain subjects, topics and even specific situations.

It's about time

Focus on what's important, and let us do the rest.

*Fair use applies: Our Agents can be your helpers and assistants to help you and free your time, but our service is not intended to be full-time employment. Thus, we have limitations on the amount of work hours included in these packages. If you need a more work-intensive package, please contact us.

**Privacy is our highest priority. All requests are made anonymous before being assigned to agents (unless they require to not be so). No personal data is stored (unless required and requested).
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Single Agent

Most Popular
$299Per Month
$2870Per Year
  • Limited Availability*
  • 1 Task at a time
  • Personal Needs
  • Siloed Profile
  • 1 Communication Channel
  • No Outbound Calls
  • High Level Privacy Protection**
  • Cancel Anytime
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$999Per Month
$9590Per Year
  • 24/7 Availability*
  • up to 3 Concurrent Tasks
  • Personal & Professional Needs
  • Collaborative Profile
  • up to 3 Communication Channels
  • High Urgency Task
  • Simple Outbound Calls
  • High Level Privacy Protection**
  • Cancel Anytime

How Does It Work

send assistance request

1. Send The Requests

Via the communication channel, you send us the requests in writing or as voice messages.

tasks done

2. Tasks Done

A layer of privacy will be applied. Then our Agents will execute the task you provided.

Result delivery

3. Results Sent Back

Once done, you are notified, and will receive results (if the task requires so).


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